Conference Videos

Friday September 30, 2016

Session 1: LDLCholesterol Lowering Efficacy of Plant Sterols/Stanol

(Jean-Baptiste Roullet & Peter Jones; Co-Chairs)

Introduction and Welcome: Ingmar Wester

Elke Trautwein (Netherlands):

LDL-Cholesterol Lowering of Plant Sterols/Stanols-Which Factors Influence Efficacy?

Robert Moreau (USA):

An Update on the Diversity of Natural Plant Sterols Including New Evidence that Plant Sterols are Esterified to Waxes in Sorghum and Other Grains

David Baer (USA):

Clinical Efficacy of Sterols/Stanols

Session 2: Effects of Plant Sterols/Stanols beyond CholesterolLowering:

(Jogchum Plat; Chair)

Jogchum Plat (Netherlands):

Effects of Plant Sterols and Stanols on Immunological Responses

Todd Rideout (USA):

Effects of Sterols and Stanols on Triacylglycerol Metabolism

Tim Vanmierlo (Belgium):

Phytosterols in Neuroinflamatory Disorders, with a Focus on Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease

Session 3: Responsiveness to Plant Sterol

(Peter Jones; Chair)

Peter Jones (Canada):

The Genetics behind Plant Sterol Responsiveness

Richard Ostlund (USA) :

Increased Cholesterol Excretion as an Alternative Measure of Phytosterol Effectiveness

Session 4: Challenges in Measuring Plasma and Tissue Concentrations of Plant

Sterols/Stanols as Surrogate Markers for Cholesterol Absorption:

(Dieter Lütjohann; Chair)

Dieter Lütjohann (Germany):

Plasma Sterol Ring Test Results and Harmonization

Dylan MacKay (Canada):

The Use of Circulating Sterols as Surrogate Measures of Metabolism and Disease Risk

Mohammed Moghadasian (Canada):

Learning in Plant Sterol & Stanol Metabolism from Animal Models