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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Keynote Address: Chip Davis (USA):

Lipid Lowering Drugs and Plant Sterols

Session 1: Plant Sterols as Adjuncts with Diet and Drugs:

(Peter Jones; Chair)

Henry Ginsberg (USA):

Guidelines for Lowering Blood Cholesterol Levels: Is There a Place for Plant Sterols?

David Jenkins (Canada):

Sterols and Other Diet Agents

Session 2: Plant Sterol Effects on Cardiovascular Risk:

(Rouyanne T Ras; Chair)

Rouyanne T Ras (Netherlands):

Vascular Function Effects of Plant Sterols/Stanols

Oliver Weingartner (Germany):

Atherosclerotic Potential of Plant Sterol

Session 3: Sitosterolemia: Clinical Perspective, Diagnosis, Treatment, ScreeninPrograms:

(J.B. Roullet; Chair)

Javier Ochoa-Repáraz (USA)

Microbiota Therapeutics: A Window in the Future Management of Sitosterolemia

P. Barton Duell (USA):

Clinical Perspective: When to Add Sitosterolemia to the Differential Diagnosis List

Semone Myrie (Canada):

Sterol Metabolism in Sitosterolemia

Session 4: Plant Sterols: Patients Perspectives:

(William Rizzo; Chair)

William Rizzo (USA)

Introductory Remarks

David Mymin (Canada):

Phytosterolemia, Clinical and Treatment Aspects Observations from the Manitoba Cohort

Kara Calkins (USA):

Intravenous Sterols and Pediatric Intestinal Failure Associated Liver Disease

Cyndi Jones (USA, Sitosterolemia Foundation):

Living with Sitosterolemia: A Patient Perspective

Sam and Liz Gross (Canada):

Living with Sitosterolemia: A Patient Perspective

Session 5: Patient Discussion Session and Conclusion:

Lead Discussants:

David Mymin (Canada)

Stephen Turley (USA)

Ken Hofer (Canada)

Concluding Remarks: Jean-Baptiste Roullet and Peter Jones (Conference Adjourned